Hunting Ground Studios

Brisbane's Music Hub for Production, Mixing & Composition

Hunting Ground Studios is Brisbane's music production hub and creative space. Set in Moorooka, a hunting ground for the Australian Aboriginal Jagera tribe, Hunting Ground Studios  is a special place of song and sound. Resident producers, mixers and engineers of past and present include Tristan Hoogland, Guy Webster, Stephen Bartlett, Doug Clarke, Andrew Threlfo and Luke Wollett. 

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Moorooka was a hunting ground for Australian Aboriginal Jagera tribe before European settlement. Within this grounds was a Bora Ring - a place of ceremony, and the process leading up to it, involving the learning of sacred songs, stories, dances, and traditional lore. Many different clans assembled to participate. 

Resident Producers | Mixers | Engineers of past and present

WELCOME to our newest additions to Studio B: Andrew Threlfo & Luke Woollett