Hunting Ground Studios

Brisbane's Music Hub for Production, Mixing & Composition

Hunting Ground Studios is Brisbane's music production hub and creative space. Set in Moorooka, a hunting ground for the Australian Aboriginal Jagera tribe, Hunting Ground Studios  is a special place of song and sound. Resident producers, mixers and engineers of past and present include Tristan Hoogland, Guy Webster, Stephen Bartlett, Doug Clarke, Andrew Threlfo and Luke Wollett. 


Are you a producer or engineer that is looking to hire our studio for tracking? Studio A is equipped with everything you need. Top notch analogue console and outboard gear, a great sounding room for drums and a delicious selection of mic’s. Simply bring your own laptop (we are setup to plug direct into our interface) to work on your sessions, or we can provide a machine if you are working off a hard drive. We also provide an engineer to run you through the console and be on call throughout your session.

GEAR LIST (coming soon)


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